Tanning Accelerator

Abr 17, 2020 | products

Get an intense, uniform and long-lasting tan #home

More than 28 years ago, one of the first products that María Unceta-Barrenechea formulated at the beginning of her professional career was the TANNING ACCELERATOR. It is a very pleasant emulsion that contains a high concentration of glucose tyrosinate , an active ingredient rich in tyrosine and riboflavin that acts as an activator of melanocytes, favoring the formation of melanin through sun exposure.

  • Stimulates melanocytic cells , making you brown faster
  • Its application produces an intense , uniform and long-lasting tan
  • Moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin and prevents dehydration

Apply the Tanning Accelerator before sun exposure. When a ray of the sun comes out, you can apply the TAN ACCELERATOR and spend 5 minutes in the sun without protection. You will synthesize Vitamin D and generate melanin, which will act to protect your skin. Important! It does not protect from the sun , after these 5 minutes you should use a sun protection cream . It is the ideal product for small doses of sun .

Do not use on the face and neckline . In these areas, use Ex t rem Color sunscreen or sunscreen F PS 50 + without color.

Do you dare to try it? We would love to hear about your experience.