Abr 8, 2020 | Beauty tips

Know all the applications of a 100% natural disinfectant

The tea tree is an Australian tree and the essential oil of the tea tree, Melaleuca Alternifolia, is extracted from its leaves . TEA TREE OIL 100% (tea tree).

It is fantastic as a bactericide and fungicide . It is a 100% natural disinfectant to which many properties and a variety of applications are attributed. Can be used for:

  • Disinfect the floor by adding a few drops to the mop water and also the countertops.
  • Treat hangnails, fungi, ingrown hairs, and mild skin infections such as grazes and insect bites.
  • Use after shaving as it disinfects any cuts or scrapes.
  • Treating acne, putting a few drops in the tonic to disinfect the pimples
  • Fight lice, applying 3 or 4 drops with the shampoo and lather.

It must always be applied diluted in water in small quantities with the help of a cotton ball.