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In the event that we translate this Legal Notice, our Privacy Policy, or any other rules of use, policies and procedures that may be published from time to time on this website, if there is a discrepancy between the Spanish version and a translated version, the Spanish version.


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It is prohibited, outside of the purposes expressly established in the previous paragraph, the use of the content of the Website, and its distribution, modification, assignment to third parties, as well as the reproduction, transformation or public communication, by any means and technology, being required for This is the prior and express consent of LABORATORIOS MARUNCA SL, any action contrary to this text constituting a violation of the regulations on industrial and intellectual property rights.

However, the use of is allowed as long as its integrity is respected and it is identified that the original source has been this website belonging to LABORATORIOS MARUNCA SL, being expressly prohibited any type of use biased and contrary to its nature.

LABORATORIOS MARUNCA SL reserves the right to exercise the appropriate legal actions in defense of its rights.


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In the cases in which an access password to certain services is sent, the USER must keep it under his exclusive responsibility in the strictest and absolute confidentiality and secrecy, he must proceed to its custody, use and preservation in a diligent manner, prohibiting himself in a diligent manner. expresses the transfer of the same to third parties, resulting in the responsibility of the USER and therefore attributable to him the harmful consequences that may arise both for the owner of the Website and for the rest of USERS. In case of theft, loss or use or unauthorized access of the password, the USER must proceed to immediately notify LABORATORIOS MARUNCA SL for the adoption of the appropriate measures, the USER being the responsibility of the damages that could be incurred both to LABORATORIES MARUNCA SL as well as other USERS, as a result of a late communication.

LABORATORIOS MARUNCA SL will be responsible in no case for incidents that may arise around personal data when they derive either from an attack or unauthorized access to the systems in such a way that it is impossible to detect due to the security measures implemented, either when it is due to a lack of diligence of the registered client regarding the guarding and custody of their access codes or their own personal data.




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