Beauty Cream in Diez Minutos magazine

Oct 23, 2018 | Press

Last Friday, October 19, the international day of breast cancer was celebrated. To help defeat this disease, cosmetic firms are tinting themselves pink and creating special editions of skin care products for sensitive skin. Diez Minutos magazine recommends María D'uol's Beauty Cream for the care of the most sensitive skin.

These are some of its properties:
  1. Anti-inflammatory activity, reduces redness and relieves irritation.
  2. Helps the skin to be more tolerant and less reactive.
  3. Very beneficial for sensitive, atopic and / or easily reddened skin.
  4. Recommended for dry and extremely dry skin.
  5. Anti-itch property. In vivo efficacy studies have shown this after one hour of applying the product. Decreases water loss. Reduces roughness and softens the skin.