Redensifying Serum on the Mar Flores Blog

Dec 5, 2018 | Press

Mar Flores in her post "Prepare to shine this Christmas" shares her beauty secrets to have her best face on these important dates. And this time its perfect allies are two of the products of the new VINUM line by María D'uol . About Seru m Redensifying says: "I have already spoken on other occasions of t he products of Maria D'uol, and they have a specialized product for every need, I now am using the Sérum Redensifying, a volumizer lips and wrinkle filler that helps restore the density of the face, while improving elasticity and firmness thanks to its lifting effect. " And about the Refreshing and Moisturizing Mist : “To reinforce the result of a good face, I am combining this with the Refreshing and Hydrating Mist that gives the skin a moment of freshness and comfort at any time of the day. Its formula with hilauronic acid provides an extra dose of hydration to the skin that is perfect to enhance the effects of other treatments. " You can read the full post here .