Tan Accelerator

Ago 6, 2020 | products, Beauty tips

Get an intense, uniform and long-lasting tan.

Eye! Only for the body and for 5 minutes .

The Tanning Accelerator is a very pleasant emulsion that contains a high concentration of glucose tyrosinate, an active ingredient rich in tyrosine and riboflavin that acts as an activator of melanocytes, favoring the formation of melanin through sun exposure.

  • It stimulates the melanocytic cells, making you go brown faster.
  • Its application produces an intense, uniform and long-lasting tan .
  • Hydrates, nourishes and softens the skin and prevents dehydration.

You can apply the tanning accelerator and spend 5 minutes in the sun without protection .

  • Sintetizarás Vitamin D
  • You will generate melanin, which will act to protect your skin.

Once the five minutes have passed, you should apply the protection cream . In this case we use a light protection spray 30 because we have already applied a cream enriched with shea butter.

Remember this is for the body only.

For the face and neckline we should use only Protection 50 .