How to maintain a tan

Sep 3, 2020 | Beauty tips

We are back from vacation and little by little we are resuming the routines and with this we must not forget to continue taking care of our skin.

When we expose our skin to solar radiation, an oxidative reaction is triggered and the formation of free radicals that cause premature aging of our skin, which is why the consumption and application of highly antioxidant products is very suitable during and also after the vacations . In addition to repairing our skin, they will help us to prolong the tan.

  • Active antioxidant principles such as grapes. Both the extract obtained from the seed and the oil are a powerful elixir of youth for the skin. It will help us maintain healthy skin.

  • There are vitamins and foods that promote tanning and maintain a tan. Foods rich in vitamins A, C, B and E such as melon, strawberry, citrus, apricot and vegetables such as red pepper, broccoli, tomato, carrot etc.

At María D'uol we want to take care of your skin and we have the perfect plan to ensure that your skin is highly hydrated, luminous and maintain a tan 10 after the summer.

With only 2 steps!

  1. Body Exfoliation : a mistake we usually make is to stop exfoliating, thinking that the tan will disappear when we exfoliate our skin. However, thanks to exfoliation, we activate the fibroblasts, eliminate dead cells and the tan is much more durable, which is why we recommend using the Body Scrub once a week. How? Apply the body scrub on damp skin, massaging in a circular motion, and rinse with lukewarm water.
  2. Hydration, hydration and more hydration : for this we recommend using the combination of two products rich in antioxidant, soothing, nourishing and repairing active ingredients. Grape Seed Oil and Repairing Balm . How? Apply the Repair Balm on the palm of your hand and add a few drops of Repair Oil, mix both products and massage well throughout the body and always with upward movements.

When your skin is tanned and healthy, you look more favored.