How to prepare our body for summer

Jul 1, 2021 | Beauty tips

After the cold months packed with warm coats and drinks, we are all looking forward to the hottest days of the year. With the welcome to the summer, we try to enjoy to the maximum the rays of the sun of this season. But, just as we prepare for a vacation, we must not forget that the skin also needs special care so as not to suffer the consequences.

As we have already told you, one of the main things to take into account when taking care of our skin is not to wait for it to suffer any damage to take care of it.
Therefore, before the arrival of any season, and especially in summer, which is when it can suffer great damage, we must prepare our body and take into account some necessary care.

At María D'Uol our priority is skin care, for that reason we bring you some tips that you can take into account to start the summer in the best way. So, take note of these basic cares so you can enjoy the first rays of the sun and, of course, have a healthy tan.

Exfoliate your body to activate it!

After winter, and especially after spending so long without being exposed to the sun's rays, the first step to prepare our body is exfoliation. When we exfoliate our body properly, we can remove dead cells, activate circulation, and also facilitate hair removal.

By cleaning all impurities, the skin looks much healthier, fresh, unified and luminous. In addition, the dermis is strengthened, gives it elasticity and softness, and makes it more resistant to the sun, which helps promote tanning.

For this reason, at María D'Uol we advise you to exfoliate properly once a week. You can accompany this process with small circular massages in all areas such as feet, legs, arms, abdomen, as well as the knees and elbows.
Our 100% biodegradable natural origin body scrub leaves the body soft, bright and full of life by removing dead cells and activating circulation during application.

Do not forget to hydrate the skin of your body

During all seasons of the year, hydration is an essential step to take care of the health and beauty of the skin. But changes in the weather, the wind and also the sun, act so that the water evaporates from the skin.
This causes the aging process to accelerate, the appearance of blemishes or imperfections and, in addition, it makes the skin stay dry and brittle.
Therefore, every day after showering, the ideal is to apply a cream that helps hydrate the skin and prevent it from drying out, especially during the hottest months.
Our moisturizing body cream is ideal for giving life and flexibility to dry and dehydrated skin.
In addition, it is important to remember that hydration also comes from within, and therefore, we should not wait until we are thirsty to drink water. It should be done regularly throughout the day, as water helps us stay healthy and hydrated.

Always use sunscreen

We don't have to wait for the intense rays of the sun to worry about wearing sunscreen. This is one of the most important steps in skin care, even on cloudy days.
Being exposed to UV rays can cause very severe damage such as skin cancer and other minor problems such as the appearance of spots or premature aging. Therefore, it is better to prevent and take care of the skin from any possible damage. Remember that the sun can burn us during a walk, on a terrace, or even when we are driving.
Use a suitable, water-resistant sunscreen that has a minimum protection factor of 30. We recommend applying it at least 20 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun, and retouching it every 2 or 3 hours without forgetting any part of the body.

At María D'Uol we have SPF 30 dry oil from the sun protection line. This product prevents the damage caused by solar radiation on our skin, and also contains components such as carrot root extract and carrot seed extract that fight the formation of free radicals.

Remember to protect your feet!

During hot days we want to go to the streets in bare footwear and cool shoes. For that reason, it is always important to take into account the care of the feet and their protection, remembering to perform a correct exfoliation and apply moisturizer after taking a shower, so that they look soft and beautiful. In addition to using sunscreen once they are going to be exposed to UV rays.

Do not forget to take care of your diet throughout the year

We do not have to wait for a special occasion to lead a healthy life as far as our diet is concerned. Food and all the nutrients that our body receives are equally important every day of the year.
When preparing our skin for the summer, we can eat foods that contain a large amount of water to hydrate us, and that are also rich in vitamin C.
This component helps us receive antioxidants, which protect us against free radicals, stimulates collagen, and helps us prevent wrinkles and expression lines, leaving skin more elastic, luminous and youthful for longer.

We hope that these tips today at María D'Uol will help you to continue taking care of your skin, and yourself.