Maria Unceta-Barrenechea - Responsible for innovation and formulation at María D'uol explains the advice to take into account for the skin in oncological processes of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

María D'uol's Oncology line pampers, protects and repairs your skin when it needs it most. Oncologists and healthcare personnel have contributed scientific evidence to the development of this exclusive line for skin care during chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

List of tips

what to do before starting treatment

Info The skin is the organ that protects us from viruses, bacteria, it is a very delicate organ. Our challenge is to take care of your skin. If you are going to start cancer treatment, we would like you to become aware of the importance of taking care of your skin, an organ so important to you, regardless of what type of treatment you are going to receive chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, we are going to try to keep the skin as intact as possible. We will take care of your skin during the treatment.


Info - During the chemotherapy treatment the skin of the whole body will be affected while in the radiotherapy treatment it is necessary to pay attention to that localized area where the radiation will affect. In both cases, it is very important that before starting the treatment you hydrate your skin very well with the Repairing Balm, so that when the skin comes into contact with radiation or chemotherapy, the skin will hold up well, be resistant and remain intact. for as long as possible during treatment. The important thing is to keep the skin healthy until the end.


Info - When the skin is undergoing cancer treatment it is important to avoid skin contact with certain ingredients. We are talking about physical, chemical or enzymatic peels, any type of peeling that can irritate the skin. We want you to use soothing, moisturizing and repairing products. We also recommend avoiding AHAs and using cleaners with mild, non-irritating surfactants. In the same way, we recommend that you do not apply alcohol directly to your skin.


Info - This time we want to anticipate certain doubts that you may have, we want to clarify if you can use perfumes during the treatment. Alcohol directly on the skin is irritating, however the use of a perfumed cosmetic product is a pleasure. Of course, we recommend the use of scented products that do not contain allergens that can irritate your skin. In the event that the cosmetic product contains them, they will be indicated on the labeling.


Info - The sun has wonderful properties, one of them is that it favors the production of vitamin D that is really beneficial for diseases such as osteoporosis, rickets and for skin diseases such as psoriasis. Although it is true, that if you are undergoing cancer treatment it is important to protect yourself from the sun, using glasses, a hat and a good sunscreen with SPF50 +. We recommend using full screen protectors, not less. Generally these solar products carry a combination of physical, chemical and biological filters that ensure the declared solar protection factor. Choose a safe product with that protection factor and enjoy the wonderful properties of the sun.




"The oncological linede María D'uol has allowed me to prepare my skin and keep it healthy before, during and after carrying out chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. In addition, thanks to these products I have been able to minimize, face and overcome the different side effects that have arisen. " A.G (Pamplona).


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