Eye contour: Eye-gel FOR BAGS AND EYES

Jun 26, 2020 | Products , Video Tips

Today we are talking about eye contour care when it comes to bags and dark circles.

It is not the same to work around the eyes for wrinkles than for dark circles.
To work bags and dark circles we need active draining ingredients.

Eye gel is a tetrapeptide that reduces inflammation, decongests and drains . Eliminates retention, that lymphatic accumulation of fluids that occurs in the entire eyelid area and around the eye.

It has another property, it is an antiglycator that makes collagen continue to exert its function.

In short, the Eye Gel:

  • Eliminate bags and dark circles
  • Firms the eye
  • Takes away the obscuration

It must be applied gently on the inside of the eyelid and drain very well towards the lymph nodes that we have on the outside.

You will surely see the result!