Oncology - María D'uol Oncology, the first cosmetic line designed and formulated to prevent, alleviate and repair the side effects of cancer treatment on the skin.

María D'uol's Oncology Line pampers, protects and repairs your skin when it needs it most. Oncologists and health personnel have contributed with scientific evidence to the development of this exclusive line for skin care during chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.



Info - From the first moment you know that you are going to start a chemotherapy treatment, it is very important that you begin to hydrate your skin very well, at least twice a day. The first side effect that may appear is dry skin. The risk of not hydrating the skin adequately is that itching and redness will appear that generate discomfort, which can lead to scratching, with the risk of causing wounds. At María D'uol we want to shake your hand if you are going through this situation, and share some recommendations so that you can finish the treatment with the healthiest skin possible. Let us take care of you.


Info - Radiation therapy treatment is one of the most satisfactory in María D'uol. We have been working with healthcare personnel for many years to develop a formula that will really help us minimize the side effects that radiation therapy produces on the skin. With Radio Skin Lotion we have managed to increase the skin's defenses and for people to finish the treatment with their skin as healthy as possible. If you are undergoing radiotherapy treatment, pay attention to your skin, it is important. We are here to inform you, accompany you and take care of you. Let us take care of you.


Info - We have made this section with all our love for you. The skin does not need the same if you are undergoing radiotherapy treatment, chemotherapy, after surgery or if you are currently receiving two treatments simultaneously; For this reason we want to explain in detail how to take care of you in each situation. In this section we have collected the different experiences, scientific evidence and testimonies on which we have been working successfully for more than ten years. We invite you to join us so we can take care of your skin. Let us take care of you.


- "I feel like I've had an angel by my side" -

I have followed the instructions for use to the letter, with discipline and

constancy, and the result has been spectacular not only my perception

staff but also that of the medical team that has followed me closely.

I. R (Sevilla)


this is one

love story

When my mother was detected cancer and the oncologist alerted us to the side effects on her skin, I didn't hesitate for a minute and thought "I'm going to do everything in my power, I'm going to develop the best products."