Maria D'uol hand cream in Babú

Nov 30, 2018 | Press

"The Hand Cream is essential in winter." The digital magazine Babú , dedicates a report to the importance of caring for the skin of the hands in winter. “The cold is one of the enemies of the skin of the hands. Something as simple as massaging your hands can be the solution to keep them soft, hydrated and without stains. " In this report they recommend a series of creams with excellent results in winter, “they deeply hydrate without leaving a greasy sensation; which is one of the most annoying things in the hands. " They recommend the María D'uol Hand Cream . They say that it is “one of the lightest result winter hand creams. It contains marine collagen, which helps your skin fight against the visible signs of skin aging, increases skin elasticity, improves its firmness, and lanolin, which hydrates and softens the skin of the hands. You can read the full post here.