Taking care of your skin is our reason for being

Ene 4, 2018 | Oncology

I want to share my experience so that I can serve other people who are going through breast radiotherapy sessions! On March 23, 2016, an infiltrating breast carcinoma was detected! My first treatment was chemotherapy, then surgery and later came radiotherapy! I tried to investigate and take care of my skin, extremely sensitive, and my biggest concern was, what could I do, to be able to carry out the 30 radiation therapy sessions! At the same Oncologiko in San Sebastián they told me about the repairing balm ... He convinced me that they were natural products and that the pharmaceutical company that had produced them after large studies ... had a direct relative who had undergone the experience ... I got in direct contact with Maria D'uol and thanks to her answers to my doubts, and with the kindness and professionalism, that they treated me, I decided that I would use the three products, lotion, balm and repairing oil ... Thanks to these products, I was not only able to complete my treatment If not, my breast skin regenerated very well and on the other hand it helped my nipple not continue with the small infection, which had begun! Hopefully my testimony can help other people. A hug to the team that is made up of Maria D'uol.


Photography: María D'uol Laboratories