Say hello to 2021 with glowing skin

Dec 30, 2020 | Beauty tips

This year we have a quiet dinner at home, however, many and many, how tradition we wish to say goodbye to the year looking radiant.

But the cold, the heating, the humidity, the days of excesses and the lack of sleep… they take their toll on our skin.

For this reason, the beauty routine takes on vital importance on this very special night, the last night of the year.

If what we want is to shine with our own light, we must worry about preparing and hydrating the skin beforehand, to receive 2021 with our best face.

We propose a simple 4-step protocol to achieve beautiful skin and welcome the new year.

1. The first step for radiant and luminous skin is always cleansing . In this case, we suggest you carry out a deeper cleaning than the daily one. In the morning, in addition to cleaning the face with your usual cleanser, we recommend doing a Facial Peeling to remove dead cells, deep clean pores, activate circulation and renew the skin and achieve oxygenated skin.

2. After cleansing, a good facial mask with a high concentration of active ingredients to hydrate, calm and with immediate effects.
Our tissue mask, 'sheet mask' , is made of a soft fabric that adapts to the skin perfectly. Firms and improves skin elasticity producing an immediate "lifting effect". Reduces wrinkles and expression lines. Hydrates and calms the skin. Ideal for firming the face and double chin.

3. Afterwards we must hydrate the skin . Not only so that the skin is juicy, luminous and radiant, but also so that the makeup, if used, will last for many hours without cracking.
The choice of serum and cream will depend on the type of skin. However, if we want to achieve the so-called "flash effect", we recommend using firming serums and creams and with vitamin C to get firming the skin and give it extra light. Serums like Collagen Ceuticals and C Vitamin Ceuticals and the Multi-vitamin Cream .
We must not forget to hydrate the lips well, in winter they suffer the effects of cold, for this reason it will be important to apply a lip balm that hydrates and repairs.

4. Illuminate your eyes with hydrogel patches for the eye contour with immediate action. To reduce the visible signs of fatigue, decongest bags and dark circles and regain well-being, that feeling of having slept great. Ideal as a flash treatment.
A complete facial for firm, light-filled skin.