The spirit of María D'Uol together with social commitment

Oct 11, 2021 | We

The onset of the pandemic turned our lives upside down, and although the virus changed all the areas where we developed overnight, during that time we did not want to sit idly by.

At María D'Uol, our values distinguish us for working in favor of society, especially in difficult times, for this reason, our work was reaffirmed much more when we were involved in a real commitment of solidarity with those who needed us most.

The commitment we feel with the whole of society is undeniable, and with everything that surrounds us and helps us to carry out our work. Solidarity is the task of each and everyone based on the possibilities that they can contribute for the common good. Our task was to put all the disposition to respond to the needs that arose during the emergency from the beginning.

Innovation for solidarity

Beyond the global paralysis that the pandemic generated, in María D'Uol we have never stopped in the creation of new proposals and research spaces. In this sense, we are always looking for different initiatives to help through technology, science and innovation to manufacture necessary products that include characteristics that promote social well-being.
Our gaze is set on permanent discovery that allows, from our knowledge and faculties through solidarity, to contribute our grain of sand, especially in the most difficult moments. We are convinced that a small idea can be the engine that promotes great changes.
Today, we put our profession and dedication to the research and development of better products at the service of health, beauty and, of course, social well-being with greater force.
For that reason, from María D'Uol we not only get involved in the commitment to innovate with better products, but also to take innovation to be present in social problems that provide assistance to the most vulnerable groups and thus benefit the entire society.

Of course, our greatest desire is to continue with the same passion in creating products that take care of people's skin. And, furthermore, that our country continues to trust us as a company that watches over the common welfare.

Committed to people and the environment

The emergency caused by Covid-19 sparked multiple initiatives to help the most vulnerable. From our position we realized that together we could achieve great results if we united in the fight to control the pandemic.

For this reason, in order to be useful agents of our country, we have made sure from the beginning of the crisis to supply protection products to guarantee both your health and the safety of our society. In this way, to meet our objectives, we allocated the spaces of our laboratory for the production of hydroalcoholic gels that were distributed to risk sectors in order to fight against the spread of Covid-19.

Despite the obstacles and the difficult situation, thanks to María D'Uol's philosophy that we have been implementing since we started as a company, we put all our knowledge and skills at the service of others.

For this reason, we were present at the emotional tribute and act of recognition that the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics ( Stanpa ) gave, thanks to the work carried out by all the companies belonging to the cosmetic sector that were fully involved in the manufacture of gels. hydroalcoholics to help the population.

Likewise, we are pleased to be part of the cosmetic sector of a caring country that put its production capacity at the service of highly needed supplies throughout the nation. In short, we feel useful and fulfilling one of our great purposes in this life, which is to take care of people.

In the same way, we highlight our responsibility and efforts to be an increasingly sustainable company, an essential factor in the times we live in. We aim to renew our packaging with recycled and recyclable materials, and also to generate less waste and need fewer resources that affect our planet Earth.

We are national manufacturers

In addition, at María D'Uol we are proud to work for the well-being of our own. We carry out everything that the brand processes entail from Vitoria, Spain. For that reason, we can affirm that the laboratories, factories and facilities of María D'Uol, are their own spaces where it develops from the research, manufacture and distribution of our products, which are distributed throughout the national geography until reaching beyond our borders.

In addition, the dedication and love that our team puts into each of the processes to create skin care solutions every day is always thinking that each person deserves the best.