«You undertake out of passion» News from Álava

Mar 8, 2019 | We , Press

"María Unceta- Barrenechea Olázar, founder of the María D'uol laboratories and Eneritz Zubizarreta, partner of Globe Testing , demystify entrepreneurship and appeal to the human factor as a" key "to trying to be successful."

"You start out of passion"

"Projects must have a soul and women can contribute a lot to companies." “Entrepreneurship is more than numbers; it is to commit and create wealth in your environment ”. "After the hardships and bad drinks that happen, the only thing that makes you undertake is passion." "If you launch a company, identify the need well and create a talented team," they shared. “United by this strength, María and Eneritz, gave free rein to their respective trajectories yesterday in a meeting where there was no time limit and before a dedicated audience that shared the cataract of messages that these two businesswomen were launching from their own experiences . " You can read the full report here .