There are different degrees of radiodermatitis

Ago 9, 2021 | Oncology

They are named for the effects caused by radiation therapy.

Grade 0 is when the skin is still unchanged.

In this degree, all your care will be focused on prevention, trying to keep your skin nourished, hydrated and without contact with aggressive agents, avoiding flaking.

Grade I is erythema or redness of the skin, very similar to skin exposed to the sun without protection, and may or may not lead to itchy skin.

In both cases, daily hydration is recommended before going to bed with a repairing balm . As well as increasing your fluid intake and avoiding extreme temperatures. To correctly apply the repair balm: spread over the hand and rub both hands to distribute the amount of balm evenly on them, to later apply it to the radiated area with a gentle massage until it has been absorbed.

Grade II occurs when the skin begins to peel, crack, and may peel. It is time to consult.

repairing balm