Oxygenating Fluid in Nueva Estética Magazine

Feb 15, 2019 | Press

The magazine specialized in cosmetics Nueva Estética highlights the Oxygenating Fluid of María D'uol in its first publication of 2019. Oxygen is necessary for our skin to regain energy and vitality. This concentrated oxygenating fluid brightens the skin, even the dullest. "The Oxygenating Fluid stimulates cell regeneration to give way to a younger, healthier and more luminous skin, providing it with the extra oxygen necessary to regain its energy and vitality." Profits

  • Intensive oxygenation.
  • Highly hydrated and balanced skin.
  • Provides the nutrients necessary for cells to maintain an adequate energy level.
  • Ideal for skins in highly polluted environments and frequent travelers.
  • Lifting effect
  • Fresh, shine-free skin