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Info - Anti-inflammatory and for ophthalmological use. Softens, calms and decongests. Anti-edema action, reduces dark circles by increasing capillary resistance and reducing its permeability. Stimulates blood circulation.

Products that contain it - Eye-lift, Face and Eye Cleanser.
Info - Aloe vera has been popularly used for years to treat wounds, burns, cuts, and various skin conditions. It is also a common ingredient in many cosmetic products, due to its softening and moisturizing properties. Excellent moisturizer, cell regenerator, astringent and refreshing for the skin.

Products that contain it - Hyaluronic Cream, Repair Balm.
InfoIt is a perennial aromatic herb belonging to the Asteraceae family. Arnica is popularly used to relieve bruises, bumps, and bruises. Its cosmetic properties include: aanti-inflammatory activity, its venotonic and vasoprotective, immunostimulating and antimicrobial activity.Activates circulation. Prevents the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. 

Products containing it - Nourishing Body Lotion with Grape and Arnica. 
InfoAstragalus is native to northeastern China, Siberia, and central Mongolia and is one of the oldest and most important plants in Traditional Chinese Medicine.ANDAstragalus was classified among the "higher plants" (Shang pin) or heavenly herbs that help maintain the health of the body.Haveprotective effect on the cardiovascular, nervous and liver systems, an effect related to its proven antioxidant capacity. 

Products containing it - Anti-cellulite and draining creamTired Legs Lotion.

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