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Info - It is a tree belonging to the Hippocastanaceae family. Horse chestnut is indicated for the prevention and treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, heavy legs, edema of different origins, the sequelae of phlebitis, hemorrhoidal states and as an adjunctive treatment in cellulite and rheumatic processes. accompanied by edema.In its cosmetic application it has anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite, venotonic and vasoprotective activity. 

Products containing it - Anti-cellulite and draining creamTired Legs Lotion.
Info - Legend has it that tigers used to rub themselves with Tiger Grass (centella plant) to heal their wounds. Thus, the triterpenes selected from gotu kola can help improve healing, with better re-epithelialization and normalization of the perivascular connective tissue, thus allowing an improvement in the tone and elasticity of the venous walls.

Products that contain it - Repair Lotion, Radio Skin Lotion.
Info - Diuretic and purifying. It stimulates circulation and has a high decongestant power (varicose veins). At the same time, it favors the synthesis of collagen and provides firmness. 

Products containing it - Tired Legs Lotion. 

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