Carmen, a love story

Carmen Olazar

If there is genuine love, that is the sincere and unconditional love of a mother.

When my mother was detected cancer and the oncologist alerted us to the side effects on her skin, I did not hesitate for a minute and thought:

“I am going to do everything in my power to take care of her skin and make it feel good. I will develop the best products ”. I got down to work. The love for my mother found the best ally, my passion for formulating cosmetic products to take care of people's skin.

I wanted to take care of her, she deserved all the best, I wanted to give her all the love that she has always given us. I wanted her to look pretty, she was very flirtatious, not to feel sick, not to suffer, in short, I wanted to contribute to improving her day to day and to continue wanting to live.

It took many hours of study, of documenting myself about the different cancer treatments and their side effects on the skin, something unknown to me until that moment. There were no shortage of tears and very hard moments in which I was about to throw in the towel.

I was very sad to see my mother sick and I also hoped that I could do something to ease her.

Due to the multiple visits to the University Hospital of Álava, Txagorritxu, I was able to have a closer relationship with the health personnel and exchange knowledge and concerns about the deficiencies that existed in the care of the patients' skin and the new medical advances that were being made. producing.

I developed the products with all the scientific rigor, the exquisite selection of raw materials and with all the love and good work.

A mistress, I applied the products every day, it was our moment. I understood the side effects that can occur after each session: erythema, itching, heating, extreme dryness, etc.

However, my mother's skin was perfect after applying the products that she had formulated with so much love; they decreased itching and redness and allowed him to sleep well.

After 5 years of research, I managed to develop the first line of cosmetics, with a high concentration of natural active ingredients, designed and formulated to prevent, alleviate and repair the side effects of cancer treatment on the skin. The Maria D'uol Oncology line.

Since María D'uol Oncology was born, it has been wonderful to be able to accompany hundreds of patients during their treatments, visit more than 50 oncology services in hospitals around the country and share knowledge, scientific evidence and clinical trials with doctors and nurses. and the care and commitment to the well-being of patients.

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Han pasado 10 años y lo que más ilusión me hace es continuar con la misma pasión y entrega que el primer día. Seguir investigando, estudiar y compartir lo aprendido a través de las formaciones.

“I want to make life more pleasant and bearable for people during their treatment. I want to give them security and tranquility in the face of the ignorance and uncertainty of something new. I want to contribute to the success of cancer treatment without having to interrupt it due to skin lesions. In short, I want to improve their quality of life. "

I am deeply and sincerely grateful for this project. It allows me every day to be close to many people at a very delicate moment in their lives, helping them in what I know and with all the love and also to continue learning from them day after day.

And this is the story of María D'uol Oncology, a very important part of my life and a beautiful love story called Carmen.

Thank you, AMA!