The new VINUM line on the Armas de Mujer blog

Nov 8, 2018 | Press

Teté Valero dedicates a very special post to the new VINUM line by María D'uol on her Armas de Mujer blog, entitled "Delay the effects of age on your skin with the VINUM line by María D'uol ". These are his words about the firm: “What is special about this firm? Well, it bears the stamp of a woman and it shows that she knows our needs perfectly. María Unceta-Barrenechea Olázar , founder and director of R + D + I of the firm, seeks solutions to problems or needs that she is detecting in other women in her environment or in herself and creates products with the characteristics that she likes find as a consumer: good prices, good qualities with the best active ingredients and with the highest concentrations to provide good results. " And about the new VINUM line: ”It is not so much a novelty as a reformulation, since 10 years ago the firm launched a facial serum and a body firming serum based on resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant present in grapes. However, María realized that the properties of the grape were a bit short and decided to incorporate a high concentration of new one hundred percent natural active ingredients into the original formula and create a broader line with the same components. Finally, broadly speaking (because formulating is a whole science), María has incorporated sesame (to repulse) and orchid (to redefine the facial oval) to this range, which together with the grape form an infallible "team". Purpose? Delay the natural processes of aging, filling in wrinkles, adding volume to lips and cheekbones, recovering the natural density of the face and plumping up the skin. In short, keeping it young, healthy and full of light. This range consists of 6 products with the highest concentration of active ingredients and top quality raw materials. I said, I have not tried them yet, but they look amazing. " You can read the full post by clicking here .