The new VINUM line on the StyleLovely Blog

Nov 15, 2018 | Press

Lola Gavarrón writes on her blog StyleLovely about the benefits of the new VINUM line by María D'uol and her method "Repulpa your skin". The PhD in Geography who is passionate about Fashion and Beauty relates: “Arrived in this month of melancholic light and golden sunsets, it is imperative to take a beauty break and suggest true naturalness Like the one that comes from wine. María D'uol, a pharmacist and a pioneer in using resveratrol and polyphenols in wine as anti-aging agents , reformulates her famous VINUM line that she launched 10 years ago. Real name María Unceta-Barrenechea Olázar, María is a researcher who is a pleasure to listen to. He says such sensible things as that wine is the source of life, health and beauty. And it is useless to use the best cosmetics if you do not exercise, eat a healthy diet and seek to oxygenate the skin: "because well-oxygenated skin is beautiful skin," he says simply. Among other benefits, this Vinum Line manages to "plump the skin" by giving it a juicy and fresh air. Beauty is more beautiful if it is born from the Natural. He deserves no less the Sweetest Month of the Year. ” You can read the full post here .