The Ages of Skin: 50 years

Jun 22, 2020 | Beauty tips

With 50 years we must continue to take care of our skin. We are not going to rejuvenate it, but we are going to “steal” it for years, that is, keeping it in good condition.

After fifty we should focus on redensifying the skin, plumping it up, giving it volume . With age, the skin loses mass and becomes much thinner. For this we will use serums and creams that increase the synthesis of hyaluronic and the density of the skin.

One piece of advice, let's not pretend to do everything at once. If we want to work on redensification, we focus on it. We will work on wrinkles or spots at another time. We must focus on one goal at a time.

Come on, get to work! you'll see what a difference.