The Ages of Skin: 60 years

Jun 29, 2020 | Beauty tips

Skin from the age of sixty needs specific care. Now it is thinner, transparent and fragile (the veins are more visible).

We need less peeling and yet we must hydrate it in such a way as to "coat" the skin, to protect it from the outside, the environment, cold, wind ... so that it does not become red easily.

For this we are going to use soft, soothing products such as Shea Butter and others that help us with flaccidity .

We need a creamier, more protective , that is effective for sagging and wrinkles. We will also take care of the oval area of the face , because a little double chin can accumulate. For this, antigravity creams are very effective, creams with wheat germinated, with collagen, with tightening active ingredients and at the same time with chamomile that soothes the skin.

You are going to be gorgeous!