Tired Leg Lotion: Horse Chestnut

Abr 13, 2020 | products, Beauty tips

Horse chestnut stimulates blood circulation, is venotonic and anti-oedematous

To take care of that heavy legs, avoid or reduce edema and reduce pain in the legs as a result of sedentary life, TIRED LEG LOTION will be your great ally these days. With 100% natural extracts of: horse chestnut, astragalus, goldenrod, lemon, gotu kola, ruscus and horsetail , Tired Legs Lotion is a 100% aqueous and sprayable lotion, easy to apply that tones, reduces edema and improves circulation.

Among its benefits :

• Improves varicose veins and circulatory disorders.

• Ideal for people who suffer from heaviness and swollen legs .

• Recommended for people who are on their feet for a long time .

• It is the natural way to provide minerals and vitamins .

For its correct application , you will massage gently, from the soles of the feet and working in depth between the toes. As you go up, you will also work the ankles very well and with gentle movements of circulatory and venotonic activation you will go up towards the groin… thus avoiding that the blood remains in the ankles. One of the active principles that provide the lotion with these great properties is horse chestnut , it is a 100% natural extract that helps combat vascular problems and improves varicose veins since: 1. Increases vascular tone 2. Decreases permeability capillary 3. Increases capillary resistance Taking care of your legs with these active ingredients is a guarantee of success. Taking care of your skin is our reason for being.