Tired legs lotion: lemon

Abr 15, 2020 | products, Beauty tips

Lemon is a product that we consume almost daily and to which we should pay close attention due to its great benefits and properties

With 100% natural extracts of: horse chestnut, astragalus, goldenrod, lemon , gotu kola, ruscus and horsetail, TIRED LEG LOTION is a 100% aqueous and sprayable lotion, easy to apply that tones, reduces the edema and improves circulation.

Among its benefits:

  • Improves varicose veins and circulatory disorders.
  • Ideal for people who suffer from heaviness and swollen legs .
  • Recommended for people who are on their feet for a long time.
  • It is the natural way to provide minerals and vitamins .

One of the active principles that give this lotion great properties is lemon. Lemon is one of those active ingredients that we have in the fridge at home and to which we sometimes do not give all the value it deserves. Already in Greek mythology they called it the "golden apple" and the lemon has great properties and is one of the most beneficial fruits in the world of beauty and health. The active principles of lemon are extracted from the pulp and peel and make it an asset:

  1. Highly invigorating : it has the ability to activate collagen production.
  2. Venotonic and vasoprotective : reduces leg heaviness and varicose veins.
  3. Depigmenting : reduces stains and lightens the tone.
  4. Antioxidant : thanks to vitamin C, it is an effective antioxidant and helps control photoaging.

At María D'uol we trust the active principles, their properties and their benefits in caring for people's skin. Taking care of your skin is our reason for being.