Tired leg lotion

Abr 10, 2020 | products, Beauty tips

These active ingredients will be your great allies to activate circulation, to prevent your ankles from swelling and your legs from hurting. "

Being at home for a long time can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. Given the difficulties, perhaps you are having less activity and more rest, in which case one of the things you should take care of is the heaviness of the legs. Veins, losing elasticity, deform, causing blood to accumulate in the legs, resulting in a feeling of heaviness and fatigue. How can you reduce the heaviness of your legs and avoid varicose veins ?

  1. Increasing vascular tone
  2. Decreasing capillary permeability
  3. Increasing the resistance of the circulatory system

What active ingredients will help you achieve it?

  • Horse chestnut : helps fight vascular problems and improves varicose veins.
  • Lemon : tones, reduces capillary permeability and increases capillary resistance.
  • Astragalus : promotes blood flow .
  • Horsetail : combats fluid retention .

TIRED LEGS LOTION contains all these 100% natural extracts. It is an easy-to-apply spray that tones, reduces edema and improves circulation. It should be applied 2 times a day and with an ascending massage from the sole of the foot and upwards.