Spots on the face. tricks to treat them

Oct 7, 2020 | Beauty tips

Many of the consultations that we are made in the laboratory are those related to melasma , the spots that occur on the face , which are generally symmetrical. On the cheekbones, central area of the forehead ...

We have to be very clear that this type of stain forces us to forget the sun . Forget about the sun in the sense of protection , that outside, we must use a visor, hat and / or protection cream.

On the other hand, working on these stains requires perseverance . We will have to exfoliate at least twice a week, working the area of the stain very well to help eliminate that pigmentation.

In addition, it is important to hydrate that area very well, to mobilize the stain, so that it is not retained.
In this hydration, take the opportunity to use active principles that help you depigment, that act on xylosidase, which is the enzyme that acts on melanin.

We must be patient . The skin will need at least four weeks to regenerate. So do not be discouraged the first week if you see that the stain does not diminish.

We recommend that you take a photo at first . You will see how with the time of treatment the intensity of the pigmentation decreases.

You can get!