María D'uol in Brazil. We tell you

Sep 19, 2018 | Knowledge , We , Oncology

Last August was special for María D'uol. We were invited to the 26 ESTÉTIKA2018 International Scientific Congress of Aesthetics that was held in São Paulo, Brazil.

It was our first international outing. We went to tell our experience in the field of Oncology Cosmetics before a very important public and attentive to our proposals.

Our adventure had two parts:

  • The presentation of María Unceta-Barrenechea Olazar in the Congress.
  • The training we provide on Oncological Cosmetics at the Anhembi Morumbi University.

They were very intense days where, in addition to giving the best of ourselves, we received a lot, both in knowledge and in the affection of the people: organization, speakers, public ...

So now we want to share it with all the people who follow us and love us. Under the title of “María D'uol in Brazil” . We are going to tell you about our adventure, and we are going to do it by telling you little by little those experiences grouped into the following categories:

  • What we teach : in Maria's presentation and training, in the course at the university.
  • What we learned : we drew a few ideas, ideas, and conclusions from what we saw there.
  • Feelings on the surface : the people, their affection, our emotion… everything that made our trip special.

Very soon we will publish our first entry: What we teach > Repairing oil for foot care in cancer treatment