Maria D´uol

Sep 24, 2014 | Uncategorized

Eguren Ugarte recognizes the work of this enterprising pharmacist in the latest installment of her emotional marketing line that she presents in 'Valores de Nuestro Vino'. This video transmits PASSION, ILLUSION AND ENTHUSIASM, fundamental values in María D´uol.

Article published on the Eguren Ugarte website. Woman, mother and entrepreneur, when that word was hardly known. María Unceta, today a benchmark in the world of cosmetics, a pharmacist who had a goal and has achieved it: to create her own line of cosmetics. After finishing his degree, he created his laboratory and promoted the first cosmetic line in the Basque Country, for which he has received several awards for entrepreneurship or innovative company. The Eguren Ugarte winery pays tribute to him with the new installment of its 'Valores de Nuestro Vino' campaign. A video in which he talks about the passion he puts in each of his products. He highlights each letter of this word because he considers it to be the fundamental pillar for all projects. Values of our wine Stories of people with soul, dedication and passion for what they do. Anonymous and famous who have something to tell, who govern what they do for a value. It is the content of this series of videos by Eguren Ugarte under the title 'Values of our wine', an initiative that recognizes and honors people who are governed by the same values that this family winery has been governing since 1870 The first part of this campaign is made up of four stories that correspond to the terms creation, honesty, innovation and passion. These are concepts developed by the artist Iñaki García Ergüin, the athlete Iván Fernández Anaya, the Michelin star chef Ignacio Echapresto and María Unceta, the creator of the cosmetic firm María D'uol, recognized with numerous awards for her activity. The complete publication by clicking on this link.