May 7, 2020 | Beauty tips

At María D'uol, for 3 years, we have been investigating how to make anti-cellulite products work and for this we have developed the 28 DAYS PLAN .

A sedentary life, an unbalanced diet and stress, among other factors, cause our body to accumulate excess fat tissue and the dreaded cellulite and flaccidity to appear.

Subcutaneous fatty tissue is a source of cellulite that affects more than 85% of women in their 20s (Kruglikov 2012), and that must be combated if a harmonious figure is desired.

Cellulite appears especially on the thighs, stomach, hips and buttocks.

Another cause is usually poor blood circulation , so at María D'uol we understand that to combat cellulite it is necessary to act on the adipocyte or cell that forms adipose tissue (which accumulates fat) and improve circulation.

What does it consist of?

  1. Choose the area you want to work: buttocks, abdomen, thighs, etc.
  2. Choose the active ingredients necessary to work that area: horse chestnut, marine microalgae, astragalus, goldenrod, carnitine, fucus, ivy, silicon ...
  3. Measure the area you are going to work on, so you can see how you are reducing centimeters.
  4. Before starting the treatment, exfoliate your skin to allow the products to penetrate successfully and work with maximum effectiveness.
  5. Apply the products every day , at least once.
Plan 28 días