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“I am very proud of the product that the entire team has developed and of the great results we are having with patients. I love knowing that all the work we are doing is very useful and that it is allowing us to accompany and care for many people during cancer treatment ”.

María Unceta- Barrenechea, pharmacist and founder of the Maria D´uol laboratory.

Maria Unceta- Barrenechea Olázar, pharmacist and founder of Maria D´uol laboratories, presented, on September 30, two new launches of its Oncology line , Carmen , in addition to its new brand image, the result of an internal strategic development.

When you receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, you may experience certain effects on the skin such as: dryness, irritation, inflammation ... These treatments alter the balance of the skin microbiome, affecting the skin's defenses. The need arises to increase the immunocompetence of the skin and restore its proliferation-differentiation balance, to prevent and minimize the appearance of such effects and maintain the quality of life of people under treatment.

María D'uol is a laboratory that always responds to a need to care for people's skin, at a moment of light in which a: "we can help with that" is detected. That is why a product has never been launched within its range that does not respond to this principle, and that is also why, as a novelty of the 2020 Oncology Line, are the products Radio Skin Lotion and Soothing Serum .

Radio Skin Lotion is an exclusive formula that, thanks to probiotic technology, restores the skin's natural defenses. Decreases radiodermatitis.
It acts on the microbiome that has been altered by radiotherapy treatment. Calms, relieves irritation and restores the skin's lipid barrier.
* Product clinically tested and in patent process.

The Calming Serum is formulated with probiotic technology that balances the microbiome, contains an intelligent active ingredient that acts from the inside out, promoting cell regeneration and increasing the skin's defenses.
Reduces redness and itching and relieves irritation. Helps the skin to be more tolerant and less reactive.
It has a great calming effect, providing the skin with an immediate feeling of comfort.
It is very beneficial for sensitive, atopic and / or easily reddened skin.

The development of its two new products has occurred after several observational studies in different hospitals in Spain with very satisfactory results, and not long ago they started a Clinical Trial with 240 breast cancer patients at the Hospital de la Defensa Gómez Ulla.

All the products in this cosmetic line are also perfect for sensitive skin, with dermatitis, rosacea and any skin condition that makes it more delicate than normal.

In her presentation to the media, more than 70 experts in health, beauty and fashion were present.

Prestigious magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, InStyle ,… have already opted for María D'uol and for sharing this great love story with the world.

Radio Skin Lotion and Soothing Serum from María D'uol Oncology in Harper´s BAZAAR Magazine.

In turn, recognized digital media on the occasion of the launch of these two new products within the Oncology Line have also dedicated a very special posts to this line.

Mamen Infante on her blog Guapisimas published on October 2 a post entitled "The Best Post-radiotherapy Product is Spanish", in it she tells us about the benefits of Radio Skin Lotion: "It contains active ingredients that take care of the skin and maintain its defenses while reducing the discomfort caused by radiation. "

Beatriz Pena in her blog Belleza Pura dedicates a post to the Oncology family and the sum of the two new products. It also highlights the research work carried out over the years by the hospitals.

Solidarity Beauty , Marie Claire , Markando Estilo , El Español , Cinco Días de El País, have also shared with their readers the launch of these two new products and their benefits in skin care for people undergoing cancer treatment.

The Diario de Sevilla has been the last to dedicate a space to the oncological cosmetics of María D'uol on the occasion of World Day Against Breast Cancer. “With a strong commitment to research, the history behind this laboratory transcends work. It is a love story. "

Finally, and on the occasion of the celebration of World Breast Cancer Day , on October 19, María Unceta-Barrenechea Olazar was interviewed on different state radio programs presenting the two new products of the Oncology line, Carmen.

On October 16 on esRadio with Teresa de la Cierva.

On October 17 with Katia Rocha in her Beauty Capital space.

On October 20 at Libertadfm with Mamen Barbero from

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