Liporeductor Oil


Anti-cellulite oil, ideal for stubborn areas. Refine and reshape the silhouette.

- Reduces centimeters.

- Eliminates orange peel.

Thanks to its main asset, it reduces fat by transforming adipose tissue that accumulates fat into tissue that actively burns it.

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Additional Information


50 ml

How to use

Apply twice a day after showering on the affected areas.


Plankton: Effective and powerful fat burner. Significantly reduces body perimeter. Activates the fat burning mechanism of adipose tissue. Improves the superficial appearance of the skin.


2 reviews for Liporeductor Oil

  1. Celia

    I have used the oil on legs and abdomen. Always in combination with anti-cellulite and draining cream. I did not like the oily texture of the product excessively since it needs a lot of massage for its correct penetration. Still the results as always excellent.

  2. Stibaliz

    Hello, I did the complete treatment with the oil and the draining anti-cellulite cream "novelty" that included a cardboard to record the treatment and ... I did not notice anything! I measured my thighs before and a month later doing the complete treatment, applying day and night with massage until complete absorption but nothing at all, not a few millimeters ... I have a lot of confidence in María duol since I have been a user of her products for years and this one in particular disappointed me. Not so the facial line, like the depigmenting or the vitamins ... and the solar and oncological lines that I have always been super happy with the results. Thanks!

    • Maria D´uol

      Good morning Estibaliz, We are sorry that you have not obtained the desired results. These products contain a high concentration of active ingredients whose in vivo tests demonstrate their effectiveness. Any questions, call us, we will be happy to help you.

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