Biological Reducer


Ideal concentrate to combat orange peel skin and improve circulation in the legs.

Reshapes and firms the belly, thighs and upper arms thanks to the action of carnitine. Fight orange peel. Improves the superficial appearance of the skin.

Biological Anti-Glycation Reducer, a product recommended by Mar Flores!

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Additional Information


20 ml

How to use

Apply massaging on the area to be treated in ascending movements until its total penetration. It is advisable to use approximately 5 ml per application.


Carnitine: lipolytic, fat destroyer. Powerful anti-cellulite. Combat the appearance of orange peel

Silanol: remodels and firms the entire body. Power of liposculpture.

Fucus Vesiculosus, Hedera Helix, Ginkgo Biloba: promote microcirculation and decongest the legs.


2 reviews for Biological Reducer

  1. Celia

    I have used it occasionally on my legs in combination with anti-cellulite cream and the result is very positive. Very nice texture.

    • Maria D´uol

      Good morning Celia, We love that you are so happy with the Eye-lift, it is a product formulated just to decongest, hydrate and fill in the wrinkles around the eye. Thank you very much for sharing your opinion and for trusting us.

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