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Firming Intensive Reducer. Improves microcirculation.

Intensive treatment that, thanks to its composition, combines in a gel the three properties of a great body cosmetic: Anti-cellulite, Firming and Circulatory activator.

Ideal for people with problems of fat accumulation, cellulite, people who want to improve the microcirculation of their skin and with varicose veins.

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Additional Information


200 ml

How to use

In the morning and / or at night with a massage. It is important to be constant every day, in the area you want to work. Being constant the results are very important.


Caffeine and Carnitine: lipolytics, fat destroyers. Powerful anti-cellulite. Combat the appearance of orange peel.

Silanol: remodels and firms the entire body. Power of liposculpture.

Fucus vesiculosus, Ruscus aculeatus, Hedera helix (ivy): promote microcirculation and decongest the legs.

Ginkgo extract: has anti-aging properties, which come from being a powerful antioxidant capable of capturing radicals, associated with aging. Excellent circulatory activator

Retinol: improves the penetrability and efficacy of Redu-cell


6 reviews for Redu-cell

  1. Gesmae


    Can it be used on the lower arms ??

    • Gesmae

      Maria D´uol

      Good morning Iratxe, You can use Redu-cell on the lower part of the arms without problem, however, if you are concerned about firming this part of the body, we recommend using the Firming Perfect cream /firming-perfect-md-vinum-300nl/. Any questions, call us, we will be happy to help you. Kind regards

  2. Gesmae


    Can Reducell be used when you have a thyroid problem?

    • Gesmae

      Maria D´uol

      It is not advisable to use Reducell since it is a product with a high concentration of active principles present in algae and its presence of iodine is not suitable in case of thyroid problems.In this case, we would use another type of anti-cellulite from the grape line , MD VINUM

  3. Gesmae


    Can I apply Reducell during pregnancy?

    • Gesmae

      Maria D´uol

      It is not advisable to use Reducell during pregnancy. During this period of time, we advise you to use Firming Perfect to avoid the formation of stretch marks and to improve circulation in the legs.

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