Body Scrub


Get silky smooth skin! 100% biodegradable natural scrub.

Eliminate dead cells and activate circulation, taking care of your skin delicately. The skin is oxygenated thanks to the circulatory activation and stimulation of its cells during the application. Whitening the skin, leaving it bright and full of life.

Its foamy texture allows you to work it for a long time, leaving the skin beautiful, soft, without imperfections and without the need for hydration.

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Additional Information


200 ml

How to use

Apply the body scrub on damp skin, massaging in a circular motion, and rinse with lukewarm water. Use once or twice a week for silky smooth skin.


Cellulose Acetate: 100% natural soft exfoliating particle from wood. Eliminates impurities from the face, neck and décolleté without irritating the skin. 100% biodegradable particle.

Sweet Almond Oil: natural emollient. It retains the moisture of the skin and keeps it hydrated.

Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride: excellent emollient and skin repair agent.



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