Hydroalcoholic Gel 500 ml


Hydroalcoholic gel specifically formulated for hand washing without the need for water.

Hydroalcoholic gels are the best option to ensure the sanitization of hands in places without access to soap and water.

With the use of this gel you will get clean, disinfected and sanitized hands.

For María D'uol health, your health, is the most important thing. To avoid contagion, proper hand hygiene is the most effective weapon.

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How to use

Apply directly to the skin as many times as necessary.

It does not need to be clarified. Do not apply on wounds or mucous membranes.


1 review for Hydroalcoholic Gel 500 ml

  1. Martha

    Without a doubt my favorite hydroalcoholic gel. In addition to being very practical because of how comfortable it is to apply, it is light and not sticky.

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