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Extrem Color


Tinted protector, indicated to prevent all skin reactions due to sun exposure: pregnancy spots, allergies and sun intolerances, photosensitization and scars.

Perfects the skin, hydrates, evens its tone, minimizes redness and hides imperfections.

No chemical filters. It does not penetrate the skin, its effectiveness lies in staying on the surface of the skin, protecting it from the sun.

Suitable for sensitive skin and waterproof.

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Additional Information


50 ml

How to use

Apply every day before sun exposure.

For greater safety, in prolonged exposures, it is advisable to repeat the applications.


Physical Solar Filters: they act as a screen by reflecting light. They remain on the surface of the skin, drawing a film that acts as a protective barrier against the sun's rays.


1 review for Extrem Color

  1. Lola E. R

    Magnificent cream.
    I look like a couperose and I like the sun but it hurts me a lot. However, since I have been using this cream, I have great skin.

    • Maria duol Sanchez Ois

      Maria is close

      Good morning Lola,

      We love that you are so happy with the Extrem Color.

      Thank you so much for sharing your opinion.

      A hug.

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