Repairing Balm 200 ml


Info - Can you imagine a product specifically formulated to prevent and minimize the side effects that chemotherapy and radiotherapy can produce on your skin?

When you receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, you may experience certain effects on the skin such as extreme dryness, irritation, itching, ...

This balm has a great calming, nourishing and repairing effect. Reduces redness and relieves irritation.

It is a product recommended by healthcare personnel and by many people who use it daily to nourish, repair and care for your skin.

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200 ml

How to use

Due to its rapid absorption, use daily after showering, applying a generous amount and gently massaging the skin. Immediate feeling of relief from the first application.

Apply as many times a day as necessary.


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  1. Marta

    Unfortunately, three of my relatives (my parents and my husband) have had to undergo chemotherapy treatments at different times during the last three years. When my father (he was the first) was told that one of the side effects was the flaking of the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands, and that it could be quite annoying and painful if I was not well hydrated, I started I searched for information on the internet until I found Maria Duol's Oncology line. I called by phone to discuss their case and they gave me great advice, I bought the oil and the balm, and every day, from about a week before starting the treatment, I applied both three times a day to keep the skin super hydrated (especially on the palms of hands, soles of feet and nails). He did not have any type of skin problem during the entire treatment, and I think that part of the key was prevention from before starting. Afterwards and as I say unfortunately, both my mother and my husband have had to go through the same thing, and neither of them starting days before the first chemo had a single problem. We recommend them to everyone! Since there are side effects of chemo that it is not in our power to prevent, at least minimize or even, in this case, cancel those that we can.

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