Repair Lotion


Info - Can you imagine the Sri Lankan tigers wallowing on the gotu kola plant to heal the bites that other animals give them?

This is one of the wonderful properties of gotu kola and our Repairing Lotion.

Promotes healing without keloids.

It is also ideal for the care of burns and skin ulcers.

Additional Information


75 ml

How to use

It is recommended to spray daily, on the damaged area, in abundant quantity. It can be applied as many times a day as necessary.


Centella Asiática : los ingredientes activos de los triterpenos seleccionados de Centella asiática tienen propiedades modulatorias sobre el desarrollo y el metabolismo del tejido conectivo y pueden ayudar a mejorar la cicatrización, con una mejor reepitelización y una normalización del tejido conectivo perivascular, permitiendo así una mejora del tono y la elasticidad de las paredes venosas. Uno de los principales mecanismos de acción de esta planta parece ser la estimulación de la producción de colágeno de tipo1.


2 reviews for Repair Lotion

  1. Reedbed

    I wanted to thank you. There was already and I still use your chemo products, but this time I used your Repair Lotion for my good radio treatment. It's great!!! Not a single mark has remained in the area and my skin is hydrated and phenomenal. Thanks Maria

  2. Amaia Zuloaga

    Excellent, along with the balm I did not have any problems during radiotherapy, my skin is perfect

    • Maria D´uol

      Yes, it is the recommended combination. The Repairing Lotion repairs the skin and keeps it as healthy as possible, avoiding the breakdown of the tissues and allowing the completion of the radiotherapy treatment. The Repairing Balm deeply hydrates and nourishes, providing elasticity to the skin and again helping to keep the skin as healthy and hydrated as possible in chemo and radiotherapy treatments.Thank you again for your words.

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