Radio Skin Lotion


Info - Did you know that this is the product we are most proud of?

Through numerous scientific evidences and thanks to health personnel and the testimonies of people undergoing radiotherapy treatment, we check daily how its use prevents and minimizes the side effects it produces on radiated skin, improving the quality of life of people who they have used it.

This product reduces radiodermatitis, restoring the skin's microbiome. With its 100% natural composition, we manage to increase your skin's defenses, reduce inflammation and itching (itching).

Product recommended by healthcare personnel to prevent and minimize the side effects produced by radiotherapy treatment.

Además también es ideal para el cuidado de las quemaduras y las úlceras en la piel.

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50 ml

How to use

Apply daily, spraying the damaged area as many times as necessary, at least twice a day.


Lactococcus Ferment Lysate: allows the skin to maintain its integrity. Based on probiotic technology, it acts in the processes related to the self-renewal of the skin. It helps the skin to adapt to external stress and balances its microbiome.

Lactose, Milk Protein: the biologically active polypeptides of milk have an effective regenerative power in sensitive and extremely dry skin. They are beneficial in atopic skin and act vigorously against inflammatory skin conditions helping to restore the unbalanced lipid barrier.

Centella Asiática: los ingredientes activos de los triterpenos seleccionados de Centella asiatica tienen propiedades modulatorias sobre el desarrollo y el metabolismo del tejido conectivo y pueden ayudar a mejorar la cicatrización, con una mejor reepitelización y una normalización del tejido conectivo perivascular, permitiendo así una mejora del tono y la elasticidad de las paredes venosas. Uno de los principales mecanismos de acción de esta planta parece ser la estimulación de la producción de colágeno de tipo 1.

Chamomile Oil: the flavonoids and essential oils it contains provide it with an important anti-inflammatory activity. In addition, the presence of sunflower oil increases its anti-inflammatory properties. Different clinical trials have shown that the topical application of linoleic acid (as well as its polyunsaturated derivatives) softens the skin and considerably reduces transepidermal water loss.


1 review for Radio Skin Lotion

  1. David Boyero


    After using this same brand of repair balm and oil during her chemo treatment, my mother tried Radio Skin Lotion to treat her skin during the radio sessions she was given. Advised by the girls of Maria Duol, she began the same day as the first session, and extended it until almost a month more than the last one for prevention. The result was great, not a single problem, the radiologist even asked him to see what he had used, so that she could recommend it to her patients. Thanks again!

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