What products to take yes or yes on a trip

Aug 16, 2021 | Beauty tips

Going on a trip, seeing new places, new people and other ways of life is always wonderful. We all want, from time to time, to change our routine and go in search of adventure.
The hours of travel, changes in climate, environment and temperatures, can leave a mark on our skin if we do not take their care into account. Yes, even while traveling.
As we always tell you in all our articles, we do not have to wait for our skin to suffer severe consequences to take care of it and worry about it. At Maria D'uol we like to talk about prevention and care.
We know that packing usually requires a lot of organization so as not to forget anything important, but skin care should always be a priority.
Therefore, when we have to take a plane, a train or go by car, there are essential skin care products that we cannot leave at home when we organize a trip.
So we have proposed to recommend you some essential basics and that you take note of these tips so that you look radiant skin anywhere.

Always sunscreen!

When we travel we tend to be more exposed to the sun than usual and to UV and IR rays. Therefore, it does not matter if you are visiting a cold, hot place, or if it is spring or autumn. One of the products of our day to day that we can never forget, even during vacations, is sunscreen.
For this occasion, our star product is BB Cream - Extrem Color, an ideal tinted protector to avoid the damage caused by the sun's rays.
Helps prevent skin reactions caused by sun exposure. In addition, it hydrates, evens out your skin tone, minimizes redness and hides imperfections. You just have to apply a little bit to your face every day, before exposing yourself to the sun, and repeat its application in long exposures.

Vitamin C for glowing skin on vacation ... and every day!

Even if we are a few days out of our daily routine, these facial products come in handy and are beneficial for any occasion. The nutrients they contain are necessary to provide the skin with great hydration and are perfect to combat sagging.
Therefore, nothing like including in this travel kit our C Vitamin Ceuticals It is a concentrated vitamin C serum that provides the skin with luminosity, elasticity and firmness. Plus, it leaves your face looking fresh and radiant. You also get incredible results on acne-prone skin.

Rejuvenating oil. You're going to love it!

Anti-aging products are essential in the suitcase that we prepare for our trip. They are ideal for nourishing the skin, as they leave a visibly healthy, youthful and luminous skin as a result.
Our new Rejuvenating Oil , with a new 100% natural formula to reduce blemishes, fight wrinkles and firm your skin, is incredible.
And the best thing is that it helps you show off a healthy face full of light and vitality. You only have to apply 8 or 10 drops and distribute them on your face, neck and décolleté. After your morning and / or night cleansing routine.

Daily facial cleansing

It doesn't matter if you've gone for a walk, a long walk or a whole day on the street. It is always necessary to clean your face from the dirt particles that have accumulated on it.
Even if you do not wear makeup, it is essential that you clean your skin of sweat and contamination every day.
Our gel Cleaner is fresh, light and easy to apply. Ideal for all skin types. Its natural ingredients help remove dirt, hydrate the skin, increase its elasticity and improve irritation.

Multivitamin Cream

To maintain youthful, hydrated, healthy and smooth skin, even with age, it is important to use facial treatments that contain vitamins, precisely to achieve this purpose.
Maria D'uol Multi-vitamin Cream acts as an anti-wrinkle, firming and anti-stain cream. An incredible product that brightens the skin and provides it with nutrition and hydration.
It is a plus that combines perfectly with the C Vitamin Ceuticals, and you can apply it after the vitamin C serum.

Don't forget to hydrate your body from head to toe!

Aircraft cabins, air conditioning, and changes in humidity often dry out the skin. They take away the luminosity and elasticity, and favor the appearance of redness. In addition, it is very easy that when feeling dry, the skin increases the production of oil and can cause clogging of pores and the appearance of acne.
To protect the skin from these aggressions, and others such as the consequences of sun exposure, proper hydration is necessary, both on the face and on the body. Moisturizing creams add more moisture, nourish skin tissues, and provide softness, shine, and elasticity.
To protect the body against dehydration and other aggressions such as the sun, heat or wind, our body moisturizer is ideal. With it we achieve a hydrated, flexible and silky skin.

One more!

One last tip is that, especially when taking long trips, the skin undergoes changes in humidity, environment and dirt particles that adhere to it. For this reason, avoid putting on makeup before leaving the house and instead try to cleanse your face and hydrate it very well.
Remember that traveling does not mean stopping taking care of yourself and that a beauty and care routine is necessary at all times.
So with these tips you are ready to prepare your bags, and with a good planning for the care of your skin, during the trip you will not suffer any consequences.
At María D'Uol we tell you our secrets to help you succeed on your trip. And you, do you have a beauty routine when you are away from home?