28 day plan: Liporeductor Oil

May 12, 2020 | Products , Video Tips

We started with the 28 day Plan.

We are going to burn fat . For this we use aa Oil Liporeduc tor .

It is a 100% natural oil whose active ingredient is a Marine Microalgae . What it does is convert the adipocyte, the cell that tends to accumulate fat, into a cell that destroys fat .

We will work very well with this "fat burner" in the area we want to treat . We will do it with knuckles in the place we have chosen.

It is an oil that does not leave a lot of film, it is evanescent, dry and pleasant to apply that also spreads a lot.

You know, the Liporeductor Oil together with a good knuckle job, will make you manage to destroy the fat. And… watch out! apply it at least once a day . It is essential, but much better if you do it in the morning and at night.

Come on, don't hesitate. Start the 28-day Plan with this Oil!