Redensifies the skin naturally

Nov 5, 2020 | Knowledge , Products , Beauty tips

Restoring the natural volume distribution of the skin is an important goal in facial rejuvenation. Now it can be achieved by cosmetic means, by stimulating the natural mechanisms of the skin, obtaining more natural and attractive results in the redistribution of facial volume.

When we age our skin undergoes a series of changes. One of the most relevant is the loss or redistribution of facial volume and subcutaneous fat. This change modifies the harmony of the face, being one of the most visible signs of aging.

From the age of thirty and with the passage of time, due to this loss, wrinkles and folds that form with age begin to accentuate, especially those in the peri-buccal area and around the eyes, accompanied by a loss in lip volume, which also ages the face.

Today, replacing facial volume with fillers or dermal fillers is one of the most popular methods for filling in wrinkles and fine lines. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2012 the use of these fillers was the second most chosen method, after Botox, as a non-surgical method for anti-aging treatments, with more than 2 million applications in the United States.

On the other hand, lip augmentation is also commonly practiced to appear younger, more attractive and to increase self-esteem. However, on many occasions these invasive procedures by means of injections can give rise to a strange result and make some features lose harmony with the rest of the face, giving an "unnatural" result.

The optimal functioning of our skin depends on good intercellular communication, which is altered with age and is one of the factors with which aging is most associated.

With the Redensifying Serum and Redensifying Cream, achieve a natural looking good-looking effect. Fill in wrinkles, firm, plump lips and cheekbones and thus restore the natural density of the face.

The Redensifying Serum provides volume in areas that have lost their shape.

• Volumizing lips and face.
• Wrinkle filler and plumping effect on the skin.
• Improves elasticity and firmness producing a lifting effect.

The Redensifying Cream fills in wrinkles and reshapes the facial oval.

• Cellular renovator that recovers the youth and density of the face from the inside.
• Activates the first phases of adipogenesis to finally obtain more mature adipocytes capable of synthesizing and accumulating fat where volume has been lost.
• Hydrates and nourishes in depth.

The process of developing new cosmetic formulas always begins with the search for specific active ingredients that work and that are capable of achieving the desired effects on the skin, in this case to rejuvenate the face.

These active principles make these products effective formulas to restore the density of the face.

The grape as the main protagonist, due to its high content of polyphenols, which are characterized by their high antioxidant power. Neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals, responsible for cell aging and, therefore, the appearance of wrinkles. Different studies have shown that it delays cellular aging, provides vitality and energy to the skin. As well as helping to maintain its elasticity and firmness.

The orchid is a flower of great significance in Asian culture, used throughout the world as an ornamental. In traditional Chinese medicine it is used to treat wounds and infected skin for its disinfectant and regenerative properties. It has benefits on the skin as a stimulant of the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which gives the formula firming and anti-wrinkle properties.

Sesame , annual shrub belonging to the Pediliaceae family, which is commonly known as sesame or sesame. Redensifying, it provides volume in areas that have lost their shape.

REPULPATE your skin and keep it young, healthy and full of light.