Oct 30, 2018 | Oncology

I have only used the Repair Balm for three days and from the first application I observed the skin hydrated and soft all day.

In hands and feet I mix it with the Repairing Lotion . At night I have also mixed it with a sample they gave me to test the Repair Oil (as it takes longer to absorb, I have used it only at night or at home). I wish I had decided to buy it at the beginning of the treatment, I would have saved all the creams that I have been buying and that have not helped me to improve the effects of the chemo, especially on hands and feet, although I use it all over the body, even on the face.

I made a direct query to MD to find out what products they recommended me and they responded in detail via email to each of my questions, even so I approached the sales center in Colmenar Viejo to show them the state of my nails and the dermatitis of the head, where they treated me with great affection and I was able to buy the products.

I recommend it 100% and I will surely repeat this and other products.

Monica Photo by Romina Farias on Unsplash