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Article: María D'uol Spring Vanity Bag

Neceser de primavera

María D'uol Spring Vanity Bag

These are the perfect products to include in a vanity bag for the spring season. 

Would you like to look a radiant skin? 

Skin science in one minute!

In the following vídeo, María tells us 3 tips to look a gorgeus skin in this time of the year. 

1. Enzyme Powder Cleanser:

It is a powder cleanser, it cleans and scrubs the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and young. 

Its exclusive cosmetic formula has papaya and pineapple enzymes, which improve the appearance of the skin and revitalizes it.

Recommended for all kinds of skin.

2. C Vitamin Ceuticals:

A high concentrated serum of vitamin C, for a radiance face treatment. 

It reduces the dark spots on face and even the skin tone, it is not photosensitive. Recommended for dull skin and skin with dark spots and blemishes. 

It increases the elasticity and the firmness and makes your skin look fresh and juicy. 

3. Extrem Color:

It is sunblock with color, it prevents the appearance of dark spots and sun allergies. 

It evens the skin tone, moisturizes and conceals redness and blemishes. 

It is a sunblock, it stays on the surface of the skin. 

No chemical filters. 

It is waterproof and recommended for sensitive skin. 





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