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Wellaging Integral Body

Designed for achieving an effective and respectful result with each skin type. 

Skincare products for the different stages of your life: youth, pregnacy, adolescence and maturity. 

Anti-Strech Mark Cream
Anti-Strech Mark Cream Sale price€34,00
Firming Perfect Lotion
Firming Perfect Lotion Sale price€35,90
Best SellerAnti-Cellulite Draining Body Cream
Thermo-Active Cream
Thermo-Active Cream Sale price€39,00
Clarifying and Rejuvenating Serum
Reparing Balm
Reparing Balm Sale price€35,90
Bálsamo Reparador Origin
Bálsamo Reparador Origin Sale price€35,90
Redu-cell Plus 24h
Redu-cell Plus 24h Sale price€39,70
Tired Legs Lotion
Tired Legs Lotion Sale price€39,75
Liporeducer Body Oil
Liporeducer Body Oil Sale price€49,50
Grape Seed Oil
Grape Seed Oil Sale priceFrom €17,25
Reparing Balm Sea Mist
Reparing Balm Sea Mist Sale price€35,90
Body Scrub Foam
Body Scrub Foam Sale priceFrom €23,50


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