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Chemo & Radiation Care

Find out our cosmetic line for cancer patients

María d'uol Oncology is the first cosmetic line designed to prevent, relieve, and repair the skin reactions to radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Our products protect and repair the skin when needed most. Oncologists and healthcare staff have supported and contributed to the development of this exclusive cosmetic line to take care of patient's skin during chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Oncology Newsletter N.3

From the very first moment you know that you are going to start a chemotherapy treatment, it is very important that you start moisturizing your skin very well, at least twice a day.

Find information on how to take care of your skin depending on the moment you are in and depending on the treatment you are receiving.

Done with love


From the very first moment you know that you will start chemotherapy, it is highly recommended that you start moisturising very well your skin, minimun twice a day.

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Radiation Therapy

Carmen line for radiation therapy is one of the lines in which we feel the greatest proud and satisfaction.

We have been working for many years in hospitals, together with healthcare staff, to develop the best formula for minimizing the skin side effects of radiation therapy.

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Some Advice

We have collected the different experiences, testimonies and scientific evidence in which we have been working successfully for more than ten years.

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Carmen, my loving mother

When my mother was diagnosed with cancer and the doctor warned us about the skin side effects, I did not hesitate a minute and I thought:

“I am going to do my best to take care of her skin and develop the best products"