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Article: Skin aging: 20 years old

Las edades de la piel: 20 años

Skin aging: 20 years old

It is extremely important a deep cleaning routine, morning and night. We recommend to use oil-free products. Our Cleansing Gel is the one most used between young people, thanks to its fresh and light texture.

On the other hand, the moisture is essential. Our Refreshing & Moisturizing Mist could be your greatest all, thanks to its moisturizing properties. Spray it on your face morning and night, after the facial cleansing.

And for those spots that may appear from time to time, your essential product will be our Tea Tree Oil, as bactericide and disinfectant. We will always apply diluted with water. 

Do not forget to include in your skincare routine a weekly face peeling, to boost the blood flow, to stimulate the cell renewal, to remove the dead cells and to oxygenate your skin. Use our Face Peeling.

A continuous daily skincare routine at this age will be the basis for the future.

Remember that, if you have any doubt, you could book a free skin diagnosis.  

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